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I help launch a new project from scratch, speed up the revenue acquisition and reduce risks via working with the emotional intelligence of the project creator.

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I am Olena Markaryan - Business Development Coach, Mentor, Rapid Personal Transformation therapist. 


My 10-year experience in business gave me crucial insight into what truly influences the goals achievement: without changing the mindset, even the most brilliant business instruments and strategies are useless.


I predict the risks and the likelihood of a new venture succeeding, even before the author starts working on it. 

After risk assessment, I prepare an individual mentoring program to eliminate everything that may cause the failure via quick transformation of clients’ mindsets and behavior patterns. 


99% of my clients are satisfied with their results and have accomplished what they came to me to achieve.



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In just a month, my team and I were able to raise the first €150,000 of investments for the development of our project, which came through venture funds and business angels in two stages.

To make this possible, Olena and I worked on breaking through the financial ceiling that I had formed. Without this, it would be impossible to get the necessary amount for the startup.

I want to express my deep gratitude to Olena! With her you understand that nothing is impossible for a person. Furthermore, the more ambitious the client pursues, the more the mentor gets inspired.

Nataliya Storozhylova,

PhD, Co-Founder WeVoice

Симона Вудс

Olena is an extraordinary mentor and a great person who helped make my ideas real! I admire that she has no judgment, and she really helps to fix the client's problem.

That’s my story. I always have so many ideas. But I also had (yeah, I don’t have it anymore now) some ‘’stop buttons” for bringing them into real life. I didn't believe I had the force for realizing all of this business' and projects' ideas. And in one of my job crisis moments, I started to work with Olena. 

And due to our work with her, I understood how to make my ideas useful and successful on the market.

I lost all my procrastination and started to plan how many steps and in what direction I need to do now. I quit my job and got some time to relax and understand my true wishes for a new, better life, as well as for career goals. After that, the people offered me a partnership in a few projects, and my personal clients requested some business consulting sessions.

Even more! Later I found a new option for working in the manager’s position. I finally realized that I can, and I want to do it! My ideas are on the same step of being real now.

Olena helped me to get back my braveness and my inspiration in a way to improve my talents and use them in my everyday work tasks. Thanks, my dear mentor!

Oksana Cooper,

Legal, Operations Management & Crisis Management consultant

Николь Янг

I had run my business for eleven years. It was a fairly large business that I raised from scratch and it has always made a profit, despite market fluctuations and various crises.

However, when I decided to take it to the next level and do what I'm passionate about, something went wrong.

Even though I hired a professional marketing team, there was no sales for my courses. I had to work a lot, and the spin-off was minimal.

I wasn’t satisfied with the low income and the fact that there was no predictable and expected return from the business, so I decided to turn to Olena.

As a result of our work with her, the profitability of the business increased 5 times in 1.5 months. But the main thing is that my perception of myself has changed, and I began to conduct business and sales without stress, for pleasure and remaining myself.

I know for sure, in order to achieve something new, one must change the internal state.

Irina Suhomlin,

Nutritionist, dietician-consultant, drug-free health coach

Келвин Смит

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