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About Me


Luck hacker in business

I am Lena Markaryan - Business Development Coach. I help launch a new project from scratch, speed up the revenue acquisition and reduce risks via working with the emotional intelligence of the project creator. 

Just in 3-9 weeks of working with me clients have already:


- coped with the burnout;

- climbed the career ladder;

- convinced higher management to invest in their idea and launched the most ambitious and successful project in their corporation;

- decided on the business of their dreams;

- managed to combine building own automobile manufacturing plant with the hiring job;

- switched from hiring to their own business;

- increased personal income by 3-6 times (even during the crisis);

- found the optimal team and created a startup;

- raised investments in pre-seed stages over 150,000 euros.

and more!



I provide a unique Mentor approach that leads to prompt results without burnout.


I combine the Rapid Personal Transformation method (RPT) to remove any goal sabotage on the deep subconscious level; with approaches for prompt negative beliefs removal, coaching elements for keeping the focus on the aims, and my expertise in business development, sales, and marketing to help you start up your own project in the shortest possible time, eliminate doubts and minimize risks.

So, if you have faced any challenges in your career or business, let's discuss how we can solve this and bring you to the next level in the shortest possible time! 


Contact me via email or Linkedin.

In the beginning, I tested this approach with my projects, and with great success.

So I:

  • managed to promote to the market more than 40 complicated, high-tech innovative products in the B2B market;

  • carried out contracts with market leaders, in particular, I’ve collaborated with Mondelez, Unilever, Farmak, Arterium, etc.

  • increased sales by 70%;

  • exceeded sales by a multiple of 16 times over the predicted forecast.


The most remarkable is I gained those results despite the fact that some experts regarded the market as unprepared for the products, and in our country, we had one crisis after another and even with military conflicts taking place.


I understand various ways of thinking, the strengths, and weaknesses of different participants in the business process. This includes developers, scientists, salespeople, marketers, artists, designers, and more. That’s due to my experience in:


- the R&D sector. I’ve worked in a biochemical lab for 3 years, where I developed an antithrombotic medicine. I have a master's degree in chemistry.

- I have been in business for more than 10 years, working in an international corporate environment, holding sales & business development positions, selling ingredients for dietary supplements, food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries, and managed projects with a turnover of over one million euros.

- in the marketing field I was engaged in the sale of licenses for the use of popular and celebrity brands, art brands, as well as marketing and promotional campaigns based on these brands.


- For more than 5 years I have been studying neuroplasticity and have already conducted over 5,000 hours of mentoring clients on deep subconscious issues that often sabotage goals, the implementation of projects, and the scaling of said projects. 


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