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For Startup Founders

We often hear that failure is a kind of “must-have” of startup development and we should learn from it. But what if I told you that there is an alternative way to succeed? Without all this painful experience? 


Actually, you may rapidly develop your project, intuitively find the best solution at every moment of time, and act so that you often find yourself at the right time in the right place with the right people.


How do you like this opportunity?

If now:

- you are struggling with investment raising;

- or tired of endless pitching, and you want to start working on the next stage of the project as soon as possible;

- or you had failures before and want to avoid them safely this time;

- you want to minimize the risks of launching your product, and be sure that you can complete all the obligations to investors and the team; 

- or you're burned out from balancing your main job with a startup development;

- and you're annoyed of going round in a circle while other founders are more fortunate, 


then I know how to change all that in just 3-9 weeks!

I am Lena Markaryan - mentor, RPT therapist, luck hacker in business. I help founders to start a new project from scratch, speed up investment raising and revenue acquisition, and reduce risks via working with their emotional intelligence.


You will be surprised by what incredible results it gives! For example, I mentored an ambitious scientist on her idea implementation from scratch. It took just one month for her to come out of complete confusion to the startup creation! She found 2 more perfectly fitted co-founders, reduced the idea development period from 6 to 1 month, and raised investments of €150,000. Now it is 


So, how does it work? 


I hope that you agree that your decisions and actions determine your project's success. The question is - what determines your decisions? Neuroscientists proved that 95% of our decisions are subconscious and are driven by emotions. 


What does it mean in practice? Initially, not the actions, but subconscious processes bring us to the results we get in life and business.


So, first, subconscious states determine our decisions. Then our decisions determine our actions, and only then do our actions lead us to certain results. If our subconscious programs for some reason work against our goals, then we are faced with sabotage, which means we don’t get what we were striving for.


How the understanding this principle help in business?


We are used to believing that where straightforward logic does not work, we cannot influence and must rely on luck. However, my 5-year experience has proved that we actually can manage our luck via working with our irrational part to make it work FOR our goals rather than against them.


And this is the key for you to succeed in avoiding failures. 


I tested this approach first of all on my projects.


So despite the fact that experts were against my ideas, I managed to promote to the market more than 40 innovative products in the B2B market and exceeded sales by a multiple of 16 times over the predicted forecast. 


Remarkable is I gained those results even though experts regarded the market as unprepared for such expensive and complicated products, and in our country, we had one crisis after another and even with military conflicts taking place. 


I’m finishing a book, describing other impressive cases of my clients. Meanwhile, some of them you may read in my blog


I understand very well what issues do different participants in the business process face because I myself worked in the R&D segment, sales, and marketing. More about me background you may read here

Let's speed up the implementation of your plans! 


Contact me via email or Linkedin.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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