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It is common to think that a startup is a high-risk investment with a 1 in 10 return rate, but what if I told you that this ratio could be significantly improved?



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Since founders play a key role in startup development, their decisions and actions determine the startups’ success. The question is - what determines their decisions?


Neuroscientists proved that 95% of our decisions are subconscious and are driven by emotions. 


What does it mean?


This means that to get the expected results in business, first of all, we need to manage our subconscious states, which determine our decisions, which in their turn determine our actions bringing us to certain results. So, initially, not the actions, but subconscious processes bring us to the results we get in life.


We are used to believing that where straightforward logic does not work in business, we cannot influence and must rely on luck. However, my 5-year experience has proved that we actually can manage our luck via working with our irrational part.


And this is the key to protecting your investments! 


I am Lena Markaryan - mentor, RPT therapist, luck hacker in business. I help speed up the revenue acquisition and reduce risks when implementing a new project via working with the emotional intelligence of the project creator.


I predict the risks and the likelihood of a startup succeeding, even before the founder starts working on it. Most importantly, by evaluating the founder’s weak points, I can help him/her root out, eliminate them, and quickly transform their mindset and behavior patterns. 


As a result, founders become capable of finding non-obvious solutions and are highly adaptive to changes. They find themselves in the right place, at the right time, and with the right people, and are psychologically ready for explosive scaling. Since all this directly affects the success of their projects, it ultimately leads to an acceleration of profit from their project.


In the beginning, I tested this approach with my projects, and with great success.

So I managed to promote innovative products to the B2B market and exceeded sales by a multiple of 16 times over the predicted forecast.


The most remarkable is I gained those results despite the fact that some experts regarded the market as unprepared for the products, and in our country, we had one crisis after another and even with military conflicts taking place.


Moreover, clients who have passed my individual mentoring have increased the volume of sales and deals even in the most turbulent times. They increased profits by 2-6 times in just a single month.


Due to my experience, I understand various ways of thinking, the strengths, and weaknesses of different participants in the business process. This includes developers, scientists, salespeople, marketers, artists, designers, and more. 


So, if now you see that the founders you invested in are unwittingly sabotaging the success of the project and they do not listen to your recommendations, or a conflict is brewing within the team, or for some reason, they delay the sale or pre-sale of the product, and if you want to increase your chances of return on investment, let's discuss how we can quickly solve this by using my unique approach.


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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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