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My Online Business Development Coaching

I don’t have standard programs, my task is to look into each specific person and work with what is important for him/her. Only in this case will there be a quick result. So, each time I prepare the individual mentoring plan. Here is the procedure of how I work =>


With each new client, I make a strategic consultation first to understand the situation, define goals, and identify the most important points to work with. Based on this info we draw up a roadmap from point A to point B, a joint work plan, and the number of sessions needed to achieve a result. 


The cost of a strategic session is $70, duration is 1 hour.



After 5 years of RPT practicing, I have come to the perfect format, which gives my clients the most amazing and rapid results. This is a minimum 6 session package that includes:


4 deep dive RPT sessions, where we eliminate one of the key blocks preventing the achievement of results (fear / uncertainty/ ineffective behavior pattern). After the session you are in a resourceful state, see new possibilities, so you just have to observe the positive changes in your life afterwards.

The duration is 1-1.5 hours.


and 2 coaching sessions, where we analyze the results and changes, adjust the further plan of our work. Additionally I share tools that will increase the efficiency of the program.

Duration: up to 1 hour.


The total package duration is 3 weeks, meeting twice a week. Usually, to get the desired result, my clients require  1-3 of such packages


The cost of a 6 sessions package is $1200.

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