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Your pitch is perfectly reasoned, but the decision-maker does not support your Big idea. Why?

Обновлено: 30 мар. 2022 г.

My client’s case.

She was recently promoted. She is an Executive Leader now heading the divisions of an industrial holding. It would seem that everything is fine. The dream came true - the career took off.

However, following the promotion, she had a fundamental conflict with higher management over her vision of business development.

She proposed an idea that required a solid investment - the project was very costly. Though in the long term, the new direction could give acceleration to the company. It could give the business a powerful impetus. The management doubted and feared a possible failure. But she defended the idea to the last, and when the arguments were already exhausted, she turned to me for help.

The Difficult Questions & The Honest Answers

The first answer to my question indicated the problem.

-How do you feel - is the project real or not?

-I confess that I have already begun to doubt this. I'm scared. That's scary because of the responsibility. “After all, it was I who proposed this project, and, therefore, all responsibility lies with me”, she said. I am not sure of my team, that together with them I can pull such a task. A lot of risks. Much is impossible to foresee. The project is expensive. Panic hits, and I'm angry with my team.

So that's a doubt. Because of it, the client couldn't convince the management that she was right. All this resulted in conflicts, endless disputes and the arguments presented didn't work, they were simply not heard.

Therefore, my client wanted to regain a sense of confidence, become a real leader, and lead the team to the goal. Because the project itself was cool.

We began to work:

-How do you feel when you are in a state of doubt, insecurity, panic, and anger? I asked.

-I'm scared. I'm afraid to let people down.

-And when did you feel the same state of panic before?

-In childhood. In primary school. Learning the multiplication table. I'm afraid I won't manage it. The parents will scold me. I will be scolded and beaten like my older brother.

-And when even before you saw how they scold your brother?

-I'm three or four years old. I see how my brother is put in a corner, he's beaten. It's a horror for me. I want to stand still and scream. That's aggression. I beat my dad. I demand that he stop punishing my brother. Nobody listens to me. I'm powerless. I can’t change anything. That's a desire to stand still. I want to protect myself and I'm scared.

At this point, the girl decides to do everything right so that she is not punished. It was at this point that the panic fear of doing something wrong was laid.

Another decision she made, seeing how her brother did not shed a single tear and steadfastly endured all the punishment. It is about being strong. Therefore, in adulthood, she took on the role of a self-confident, purposeful person. In no case should she show emotions, keep everything to herself. Only strength and pressure.

But in the end, it turned out that all this cocktail of strength and fear blocked the launch of new projects.

After all, a large project is always the risk that something will go wrong, that it will not be possible to implement it. And this is perceived as the collapse of her whole life, and, therefore, a direct threat to her personal safety.

And in adulthood, the client projected the threat and fear laid down by her parents onto the owners of the business. Accordingly, on the scale of a large company, she was afraid to death of failing and implementing a bold project. This is how the subconscious installation worked.


When the fear was healed at the starting point and negative programs removed, I asked:

-How do you feel now?

-There's calmness. There is no anger. There is no anxiety.

-How do you feel about launching large projects now?

-An interest. Energy. A wish. I wonder what will come of it.

-How do you feel about your team? Is there anger?

-There is no anger. There is an understanding that it is necessary to explain the essence of the project in some other way. There is clarity on how to get the message across now. Only now do I understand why my subordinates couldn't fulfill my assignments, they screw up at every step.

Three weeks later, the client reported that the company's management had approved her project. At last! The first stage of its implementation had begun.

P.S. A year has passed.

I contacted the client and inquired about the fate of her large-scale project. Here is a quote from her response:

“Just today, the company held its annual meeting, where I presented the results of my project. According to management, this is one of the most successful projects of our company for the last several years!”

These are the results that the elimination of destructive scenarios laid down in childhood brings.

If you are also faced with the fact that you are taking logical actions, but they do not work, I invite you to my individual coaching. DM me!

Best regards,

Lena Markaryan

Business Development Coach | Mentor | RPT-therapist

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Hi, I'm Lena

Here I publish concrete cases to show the connection between our emotional states, subconscious processes and success in business.  

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